UPDATED: Testing full, thanks for your help! Got a strata problem? Help us test a solution

Vancouver Panoramic

UPDATED: Thank you for your help! This round of testing is full, but watch for new testing opportunities in the New Year.

We’ve designed a self-help, web-based tool to help strata owners, tenants and occupants resolve problems; it’s called the Solution Explorer. But we need your real-world experience to make it better.


1. Are you a strata owner, tenant, or occupant (you live in a strata but don’t own or rent the unit yourself), who has one of the following issues?

  • The strata won’t give you permission to do something
  • The strata is asking you to stop doing something
  • Another owner, tenant or occupant is asking you to do or stop doing something
  • You want another owner, tenant or occupant to do or stop doing something

2. Are you able to attend a 30 minute appointment on either of these two dates?

  • December 3, 2015 in downtown Victoria OR
  • December 7, 2015 in downtown Vancouver

(unfortunately, we are not able to cover travel expenses)

If you meet these requirements, please email us your:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Preferred location (Vancouver or Victoria)
  • A brief description of your strata dispute

Please note that this testing is for the self-help Solution Explorer only. The CRT’s dispute resolution services, including negotiation, facilitation, and adjudication are not part of this testing.


After some initial testing earlier this fall, we are excited to begin testing the Solution Explorer with members of the public with strata disputes.

The Solution Explorer is the front end of the CRT. It provides easy-to-understand legal information and self-help tools to help you resolve your own dispute. If you can resolve your dispute yourself, you won’t have to go to court or use the CRT dispute resolution process.  Click here for more posts about how the Solution Explorer works.

We will be doing a lot of different testing on the Solution Explorer in the coming months. We will also be adding more content for strata councils, tenants, owners and occupants. For this project, we are looking for a pretty specific group of 8 – 10 people who are owners, tenants or occupants of a strata. We will be observing how people use the Solution Explorer to help resolve their real-life strata disputes. This will teach us how we can make the Solution Explorer better.

If you are interested in helping us with this testing, please read the 2 requirements, and send us an email if you fit the bill.